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[OpenStack] The resource list for studying OpenStack Neutron

The following list is about the resource documents for those who want to study OpenStack Neutron. It may reduce the time you spend on searching. Here you go:

Introduction to OpenStack Quantum To warm up for jumping into the network world of OpenStackOpenStack Admin Guide Chapter 7. Networking
It is very important to take a look at this offical document firstNeurton Wiki
Architecture of Quantum Grizzly Release This contains the Quantum architecture in details A Cisco Plugin Framework for Quantum L2 Network Overlays Spanning Multiple Physical Switches Cicso's Plugins are a little bit complicated because There are several versions those are different in the configuration and prerequisite.Cisco Nexus Plug-in for OpenStack Neutron 
Give a data sheet to list the functionality and feature it supportsWhat's new Neutron?
Give a overall look of NeutronAnother doc: components are in Neutron: http://www.slideshare.…

[Thoughts] Cumulus Networks and Big Switch Networks

These two companies, Cumulus Networks and Big Switch Networks, are two of  my most favorite network companies in the world because they have a strong technical skill and creative ability/thought to build their networking products. Unfortunately, they walk in two different paths and directions. Big Switch Networks is based on OpenFlow but Cumulus Networks is not. For more information in details, please see below:

[SDN} SDN Migration Use Cases

This document provides three migration use cases and I think they are very useful for those who work in networking field and are interested in SDN and need to take a look at. Here you go: