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[NETCONF] Try Netopeer ( NETCONF tools )

Netopeer is a set of NETCONF tools built on the libnetconf library. 

It has single level server, multiple level server, and cli to use. 
Basically I think if we don't try, we won't truly understand what NETCONF/YANG look like and how it works. During the compilation and setup, I encounter some problems, but I find the following information that save me a lot of time to do trouble shooting.

Here is a URL about how to setup Netopeer server and to use it with cli.

This URL provides a lot of YANG Modules and examples to refer:

[TTP] What is Table Type Patterns?

As we know ( if you have to deal with the multiple flow tables of OF 1.1+ ), the multiple flow tables provide the scaling capability but increasing the complex of usage. For software switch either running on hypervisor or on operation system, it can use memory to map to the implementation of such table design. But for hardware switch based on ASIC to handle packet process pipline, the forwarding pipeline and the definition of flow table is specified and fixed. That will generate a big issue: How come application running on SDN controller knows how to deal with these specified limitation. Recently I noticed "TTP", stands for Table Type Patterns, to allow for an OpenFlow controller and OpenFlow switch to agree on a set of functionality to help manage the increased diversity made possible with OpenFlow versions 1.1+. I think that is very useful for the case: OF-DPA.