[SDN] HP's SDN solution


HP provides 3 tools (softwares) to deal with network virtualization using SDN
  • EVI (Ethernet Virtual Interconnect)
    • EVI creates a tunnel through the Layer 3 network by encapsulating the packets traveling between the data centers. Rival Cisco already has software that can do this, called OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization), but it charges extra for that software.
  • MDC (Multitenant Device Context)
    • It allows for segregating the resources of multiple tenants in a virtualized environment without buying separate switches. This secures the data and applications of one department or cloud service customer from other tenants.
  • VSA
    • StoreVirtual VSA, for virtualizing storage management. The software is based on VSA (virtual storage appliance) technology from LeftHand Networks, which HP acquired in 2008.


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