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[Lagopus] Install Lagopus software switch on Ubuntu 12.04

I attended NTT ( Ryu/Lagopus ) seminar in Aug. at NCTU, Taiwan and noticed that Lagopus(SDN/OpenFlow Software Switch) is amazing. Its L2 switch performance with 10GbE X 2 (RFC2889 test ) for most of packet size are near to 10Gbps and the test platform is  Intel xeon E5-2660 (8 cores, 16 threads), Intel X520-DA2 DDR3-1600 64GB.  For more information please see the attachment pictures that I took from the seminar.
The following is the features: Best OpenFlow 1.3 compliant software-based switchMulti tables, Group tables supportMPLS, PBB, QinQ, supportONF standard specification supportOpenFlow Switch Specification 1.3.3OF-CONFIG 1.1Multiple data-plane configurationHigh performance software data-plane on Intel x86 bare-metal serverIntel DPDK, Raw socketBare metal switchVarious management/configuration interfacesOF-CONFIG, OVSDB, CLISNMP, Ethernet-OAM functionality
For installing Lagopus switch, you can refer to the following URL. It can give us a common installation guide for Lagopus switch. htt…

[Indigo] The architecture of Indigo 2.0

After checking with the source code of Indigo 2.0, OF-DPA (CDP) ,and IVS on GitHub, I just draw a simple architecture diagram to show the idea of hardware abstraction layer (HAL). I think the most important part is that Big Switches uses this HAL concept as hardware agnostic to adopt the different forwarding engine / port management implementation in different hardware or platform.

[RYU] Try the RYU Web GUI with Mininet

This post is about the displaying of RYU Web GUI. We can see what the GUI looks like. My environment is with 2 virtual machines running on Virtula-Box. I skep the installation guide with RYU and GUI because there is already some documents to tell how to do so. If interested, please check there:

P.S: Maybe need to do this:
pip install --upgrade pip or pip install -U pip
First, I started with my RYU server and executed the command:> ryu-manager --verbose --observe-links ryu.topology.switches
P.S: Currently the GUI doesn't support OF1.3.
Second, open another console to execute this command under your ryu directory. It is a middle-ware between Web and Controller.> ./ryu/gui/

For Mininet, I just downloaded the Mininet Virtual Machine and directed…