Saturday, January 10, 2015

[Open vSwitch] The Receiving Packet Process in OVS

In my previous article: The function calls about the command: "ovs-vsctl add-port, it mentions a hook point: rx_handler ==> netdev_frame_hook(). This function will be called when the packet is received. So the following diagram is for the function call about receiving packet process in OVS for the reference.

[Open vSwitch] The function calls about the command: "ovs-vsctl add-port" has been a busy month for me so that I don't have too much extra time do something interesting. But, previously I studied a little bit about the source code of Open vSwitcch and drawed some diagrams about its functionality. Here is the one example for the function calls about the command: "ovs-vsctl add-port". Basically the function call is from user space to kernel with Netlink. It needs a lot of time to explain them. So I only paste the diagram for the reference.