[Django] How to Find the Performance Bottlenecks in Your Django Views?

Do you want to find the performance bottlenecks in your Django Views? I recently found this article that introduces nice tools for us to check the performance issues in Django. How to do it? Please follow this URL:

To setup line profiling, install line_profiler and django-devserver to you virtual environment:
(myproject_env)$ pip install line_profiler
(myproject_env)$ pip install django-devserver
Then make sure that you have the following settings in your settings.py or local_settings.py:
# settings.py
    # ...

    # ...


    # Modules not enabled by default

DEVSERVER_AUTO_PROFILE = True  # profiles all views without the need of function decorator

I try these tools and get a bunch of analysis report from them, and I think they are useful and convenient. The following picture is one part of my result:


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