Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Selenium] How to use xpath to define the locator in Selenium Library?

When I first time touch Selenium library in Robot Framework, the first question mark coming up in my mind is "How to use xpath to define the locator?"

 Here is an example. If I want to select the listbox that is near by my email td tag, and the HTML looks like the follows:

There could be several ways to do so. But, I like to use this way to achieve the action that I described below. "Select From List" is the standard keyword to do the action for selecting a list, but you have to give the locator. Based on my HTML code, the answer is this:

Another example, if I want to select the checkbox that is near by my email td tag, I can use the following way to do so:

Or, if I want to get some information in a table, what can I do for this?
OK, if I have the table's HTML code like this:

I can use "Get Table Cell" keyword with xpath //table[@class='your table's class name'] and the information in which row and column, then you can finish the task to get the data from the cell in the table. Here you go:


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