Sunday, April 15, 2012

[sFlow] sFlow Agent and sFlow Collector

sFlow is a technology for monitoring network, wireless and host devices. Based on the following topology, there is a test about using sFlow Agent and sFlow Collector to observe the sFlow data from Open vSwitch.

  • sFlow agent is from Open vSwitch
          How to setup sFlow on Open vSwitch:
          > sudo ovs-vsctl -- --id=@s create sFlow agent=eth0 target=\"colletor ip:6343\" header=128 sampling=64 polling=10 -- set Bridge br0 sflow=@s 
  • sFlow collector is sFlowTrend
 Now, we can see the results from sFlowTrend:

 When trying to ping PC1 and PC2, the result is below:

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