Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Shell Script][Example] Files Copying Operation with Warning When the Same File Exists

Because someone asks me to do him a favor for a sample of of file copying operation, I just use bash shell to do so. Here is an example to use shell script to copy files from source path to destination path, which will give a warning message and skip copying if there is a file that exists.

#!/bin/bash SRC_DIR="/home/liudanny/scripts" # put your source directory DST_DIR="/home/liudanny/Downloads" # put your destination directory for src_full_name in "$SRC_DIR"/* # loop all the files in source directory do fname=$(echo ${src_full_name}|sed 's#^.*/##') # get the file name echo "name:$fname" dst_full_name=`printf "%s/%s" $DST_DIR $fname` # generate the destination file name echo "dst_full_name:$dst_full_name" if [ -e $dst_full_name ]; # check if destination file exists then echo "File: $fname exists..." else echo "Do copying $fname ..." cp $src_full_name $dst_full_name # if not exists, then copy file fi done
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