Sunday, January 20, 2013

[SDN] The news about Juniper to build its own software-defined networking stack

Software Defined Networking is becoming hotter and hotter topic from last year. Properly networking guys will talk about Software-defined Networking (SDN) everywhere this year. The event that VMware bought Nicira became a catalyst for some related Network Vendors to think about what the strategy and tactic they should have and deal with this wave of SDN. It let me think of this song ( Blondie – The Tide Is High )
  The tide is high but I'm holding on ...
   I'm gonna be your number one ...


In sum, SDN is important and key to survive this time in the networking world. Here is an example about that Juniper takes an action to provide their SDN approach. I excerpt some paragraph as follows:

Quota from the news:

Juniper's approach to SDN, explained Muglia, will break the monolithic software stack inside of switches and routers – for campuses, branches, and service providers and not just for data centers – into four different planes: management, services, control, and forwarding.

This software will run on a virtualization layer called JunosV App Engine – which sounds a lot like a KVM hypervisor container for an x86 server, but Juniper did not say. This virtualization software will ship later in the first quarter of this year.

Central to that SDN stack is Contrail, a startup that was just getting ready to uncloak last month with its SDN wares when Juniper swept in with $176m in cash and snapped it up. Contrail was founded by a team of networking and software platform experts from Google, Juniper, Cisco, and Aruba Networks, and significantly had former Juniper CTO and chief architect Kireeti Kompella as its CTO. Now Kompella is back at Juniper, and is central to its SDN strategy.
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