Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[DPDK] OpenStack and DPDK

In my previous article "Install Lagopus software switch on Ubuntu 12.04", the virtual switch, Lagopus just heavily leverage DPDK to enhance the line rate near to the physical NIC capacity. Recently I saw an article "Scaling NFV to 213 Million Packets per Second with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, and DPDK", which mentions using DPDK in OpenStack and test its performance in RedHat Enterprise. Again DPDK is adopted in the network virtualization under OpenStack. Even thought there are some hardware specification limitation, for instance, with Intel x86 CPU and some series of network ethernet cards. But, I believe it will become one of standard option, just like SR-IOV, to deploy OpenStack in the future.

If you want to get started OpenStack with DPDK, I suggest to study Open vSwitch with DPDK first because the networking of virtual machines are all related with Open vSwitch.

Here are more related information for reference:

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git: stackforge/networking-ovs-dpdk

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