Monday, November 30, 2015

[Virtual Switching] What are macvlan and macvtap?

I excerpt the content of the following URL about what macvlan and macvtap are for reference quickly.

VLAN using not 802.1Q tag but mac address
    • 4 types of mode
        • private
        • vepa
        • bridge
        • passthru
Using unicast filtering if supported, instead of promiscuous mode (except for passthru)
    • Unicast filtering allows

NIC to receive multiple mac addresses
    • Light weight bridge
    • No source learning
    • No STP
Only one uplink
Allow traffic between macvlans (via macvlan stack)

with KVM has three mode
tap-like macvlan variant
    • packet reception
        -> file read
    • file write
        -> packet transmission

Further reading:
Virtual networking: TUN/TAP, MacVLAN, and MacVTap

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