Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Docker] the first experience with building docker image

It is essential to look for the docker image first if you need some services or functions running on docker container. But, once you want to customize it, you probably need to build your own docker image. The official document gives you a very complete description for you to do so. Please refer to this https://docs.docker.com/engine/userguide/containers/dockerimages/
The following command list are my steps to build a customized Drupal docker image.
The are two ways to build your own image:

1. Updating and committing an image

First, it would be better to have a Docker Hub account like this:

Second, to create a repository for your docker image.

If it's done, you can see this:

So, we can continue to the next step.
# Download the offical Drupal docker image
$ docker search drupal
$ docker pull drupal
$ docker images

# Create a container and update it ( be aware of the follwing parameters )
$ docker run -i -t --name danny_drupal -p 8000:80 drupal /bin/bash
  -i, --interactive               Keep STDIN open even if not attached
  -t, --tty                       Allocate a pseudo-TTY
  -p, --publish=[]                Publish a container's port(s) to the host

# From now on, you can go anything for your container
root@2a0849519c71:/var/www/html# apt-get update
root@2a0849519c71:/var/www/html# apt-get install openssh-server cloud-init -y
root@2a0849519c71:/var/www/html# exit

# To commit my changes
$  docker commit -m "Added my services" -a "teyenliu" \
danny_drupal teyenliu/drupal:v1

# Have to login docker before you push your change
$ docker login --username=teyenliu
$ docker push teyenliu/drupal

# Now it is successful to push your own drupal image and you also can see it on docker hub:

# To test your own drupal image:
$ docker run --name danny_drupal -p 8000:80 -d teyenliu/drupal:v1

# To check if the container is running
$ docker ps

# Open your browser with

2. Buidling an image from Dockerfile

$ vim Dockerfile
# This is a comment
FROM drupal:latest
MAINTAINER TeYen Liu <teyen.liu@gmail.com>
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git
RUN apt-get install -y openssh-server
RUN apt-get install -y cloud-init
$ docker build -t teyenliu/drupal:v2 .
$ docker push teyenliu/drupal:v2

# The drupal repository will append the image of tag:v2

P.S: If you want to put the docker image to OpenStack Glance for further using, here is an example command:
$ docker save teyenliu/drupal | glance image-create --container-format docker --disk-format raw --name teyenliu/druapl

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