Monday, October 8, 2012

[Trema] How to sync threads using ZeroMQ in Trema

If someone is familiar with Trema, then he/she knows that the socket mode in Trema is non-blocking, which means there is no waiting when sending the request message. But, here is an question. If we want to use ZeroMQ ( in different thread ) to receive the flow stats request from outside world and how do we sync threads and get flow stats info from OFSwitch?

My approach uses "pthread mutex". The key point is in the red box as following picture. When Zmq_Responder receives flow stats request, it will run a callback function, lock the mutex variable, and send flow stats request to OF Switch ( it is non-blocking socket mode ). After sending, Zmq_Responder will be locked and will wait for OF Switch to reply flow stats message. Once it replies, Routing Switch in the main thread will produce the reply message and unlock the mutex variable and let Zmq_Responder to reply to outside world.

The approach can sync these two threads in the sequence, but also has some kind of dead-lock risk. If some one has a better solution, let me know if you are willing.

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