Monday, October 1, 2012

[Trema] Try the cucumber scenarios in Trema

When you install Trema ready, you can try this in Trema path:
trema> sudo cucumber -r features

And then you will get a lot of log and info on screen. For instance, this is what I got:

Failing Scenarios:
cucumber features/example.message.echo_reply.feature:8 # Scenario: Send echo reply x 10
cucumber features/example.message.echo_reply.feature:18 # Scenario: Send echo reply x 10 in Ruby
cucumber features/example.message.echo_request.feature:8 # Scenario: Send echo request x 10
cucumber features/example.message.echo_request.feature:18 # Scenario: Send echo request x 10 in Ruby
cucumber features/example.message.features_request.feature:8 # Scenario: Send a features request
cucumber features/example.message.features_request.feature:48 # Scenario: Send a features request in Ruby
cucumber features/example.message.hello.feature:8 # Scenario: Hello trema
cucumber features/example.message.hello.feature:18 # Scenario: Hello trema in Ruby
cucumber features/example.message.set_config.feature:8 # Scenario: set config x 10
cucumber features/example.message.set_config.feature:19 # Scenario: set config x 10 in Ruby
cucumber features/example.packetin_filter_config.feature:8 # Scenario: add filter
cucumber features/example.packetin_filter_config.feature:23 # Scenario: dump filter
cucumber features/example.packetin_filter_config.feature:40 # Scenario: dump filter strict
cucumber features/example.packetin_filter_config.feature:62 # Scenario: delete filter strict
cucumber features/example.packetin_filter_config.feature:83 # Scenario: delete filter
cucumber features/packetin_filter.feature:8 # Scenario: packetin_filter --help
cucumber features/packetin_filter.feature:33 # Scenario: packetin_filter -h
cucumber features/switch_manager.feature:8 # Scenario: switch_manager --help
cucumber features/switch_manager.feature:26 # Scenario: switch_manager -h

84 scenarios (19 failed, 65 passed)

417 steps (19 failed, 47 skipped, 351 passed)


Or if you want to further test Trema/Apps, for instance, sliceable_switch app, you can do this:
trema> sudo cucumber -r features -r ../apps/sliceable_switch/features /home/liudanny/SourceCode/apps/sliceable_switch/features/port_binding.feature
But, I am not sure it is correct way or not and will figure it out.

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