Monday, November 5, 2012

[OpenFlow] What's new with OpenFlow v1.3

Big Switch Netwoks give a brief introduction about the new with OpenFlow v1.2 as the following URL:
What is new with OpenFlow v1.2?

I also paste the summary from that and aslo add a few comments by my point of view.

OpenFlow 1.0:  Dec 2010
  • First “official” release
  • Basic QoS – minimum bandwidth guarantees
  • Flow Cookies – store metadata in flow table
  • Broadly implemented
OpenFlow 1.1:  Feb 2011
  • Multiple tables
  • Group table – ECMP, fast failover, Multicast
  • MPLS/QinQ support
  • Few implementaKon, less deployment
Openflow 1.2:   Dec 2011
  • More flexible packet matching
    • Makes specification easier to extend
    • Allows third-parties to define their own match types
  • Basic IPv6 support
    •  Match on src/dst IPv6 address + flow label
    •  No support for matching IPv6 extensions
  • Improved controller failover mechanism
    • Enables “active-­active” fast-failover
      • It needs switch to co-operate with controller.
  • v1.2 is inherent from most of the features from v1.1 
  • v1.1 and v1.2 are not compatible with v1.0
    • The flow table is different from v1.0. In v1.2, it has "Match Fields", "Counters", and "Instructions" instead of "Actions"
Openflow 1.3 Apr 2012:
  • introduces per flow meters, IPv6 extension header 
    • handling, flexible table miss support, enhanced/refactored 
    • capability negotiation, multipart requests, MPLS BoS matching, 
    • push/pop for PBB, tunnel-ID meta-data, cookies for packet_in 
    • messages, augmented flow table entry (adds cookie), among others 
  • Configuration Protocol under co-development

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