Monday, November 5, 2012

[Quantum] The useful document list about Quantum Folsom version

Quantum Wiki ( the offical Quantum document web page )
  • Administrator Guide
  • API Developer Doc (v2)
  • Current Project Status

Quantum technical archietcture ( very useful )

 Quantum Folsom from IBM:

Quantum L3 Routing

Quantum Developer Document

Dan Wendlandt: Quantum PTL
Quantum + OVS + GRE with Devstack
  •  This article is written in Japanese so that it could be a little bit hard to understand.
  • The information in details is very useful and worth reading.
Quantum Tutorial Script:
  • Hands-on Lab about the scripts to use CLI tool to control Quantum
Quantum Virtual Networks for Openstack:

Mirantis's Material:
  • The super bootcamp in the session of OpenStack Folsom Summit
Mirantis Blog
  • It contains some good articles talking about Nova-Networking mode and its concept.
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