Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Trema] The L2 isolation mechanism in sliceable switch

If someone has ever seen the documents about sliceable switch as below, he/she will feel headache or sick because of a lot of contents and description.

Now, I will give a flow control chart of slice function which is summarized from the source code ( slice.c ). That can give you a clear image about L2 isolation mechanism in sliceable switch, specially in Slice function. Check it out as the following chart:

 So, broadly speaking, the slice function will check mac binding first, then port_mac binding, and finally port binding. Meanwhile, some configurations will affect the result, for instance, "restrict hosts on port" enabled will force the slice function to check port_mac binding, otherwise, it won't do that.
Based on this flow chart, you can compare with the test cases in

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